About the Book

What’s all this then?

Well, simply put, this site is about the book that I began writing for fun back in December 2007. It was originally meant to be a short story, but as I went, I kept coming up with more ideas, and it ballooned into a full novel. This site is where I’ve shared it with the world. Since then, I’ve decided to write a sequel, and have begun the process.

What’s this book about?

You can read the back cover teaser by clicking here. You’ll find links to other relevant information there as well, including where you can go to get your copy of the book for free!

Share it on the Internet? Why? Get published!

As previously mentioned, it was written just for fun. I had always wanted to write a novel, and so I did. Since I have some skills in interior publication layout, I set it all out, generated a PDF, put it out to a print on demand company, and away I went.

Just giving it away? Foolhardy!

Since this is the first book I ever wrote, I just wanted to share it with as many people as possible. It is freely available as a PDF book that anyone can download and read. However, there is also a paperback version, a Kindle version, etc. that one can get if eBooks aren’t quite your thing. As I look back, I don’t have any regrets. The experience has taught me a lot about Indie Publishing, my writing ability, and countless other things. Additionally, I have started work on a sequel that is leaps and bounds better than my first writing attempt. My hope is that people who have read the first book and enjoyed it would consider buying the sequel.

So who ARE you anyhow?

“Josh Smith is a college student in Fort Wayne, Indiana majoring in Computer Science. He enjoys writing, programming, and generally being a nerd in his spare time. He is not on fire. In summary: Josh is just this guy, you know?”

You haven’t answered all of my questions! How do I contact you?

I don’t want to post my email address out here for all the spambots to harvest, so please refer to the Contact Us page if you want to contact me!

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