Update on 6/1/2015:

Yikes. It’s been so long since I’ve had a free moment to think about Strange Future. What brought me back was an effort to clean up my web host and get things in order. Lots of old projects are either being removed entirely or “archived” in an effort to keep things clean and organized. Lots of memories are surfacing, and lots of projects I want to continue are coming back to light. So, what’s the long and short of things?

1) Strange Future’s sequel DOES exist and is about 65% written. The entire plot is in my head, and I know where I want to go with things.

2) Life has changed, and I don’t know that I’ll ever get to finish it. However, I’m still holding out hope! I’m not going to declare the project dead, but it’s definitely on life support…

The site is being left as is for archival purposes. If you’re curious as to what I’m up to otherwise, visit jfade.com for the latest.

Original post from May 2011 below:


Hello! Just a quick note to let you know what’s going on with Strange Future. I realize it’s been AGES since I’ve posted any content, and I don’t really use Twitter often enough to make it relevant… As of this moment, Strange Future is NOT dead. I’ve just been very busy with other projects, so I’ve not had a lot of time to work on the sequel.

This past November, I participated in NaNoWriMo, so that basically pushed Strange Future to the back burner. I “won”, and really enjoyed it. I feel really good about the story that I came up with, too, so I do intend on trying to do something more with it. I also started working full time, which has majorly cut back on the time I have for writing in general. Excuses aside, I miss writing, and I miss the characters I came up with for Strange Future.

I still intend on finishing up the Sequel this summer, hopefully for a fall release.

In the meantime, you can follow my exploits over at jfade.com – my personal blog. I’ve not talked much about my writing there, but do intend on doing so as I get back to it. That’s all I can tell you for now. I still get plenty of views on here, so I know there’s interest. I’d just like to thank you for that, and please, stay tuned for more–because there’s more to come!